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BronxCare Orthopedics is the full service Orthopaedic office of Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center. BronxCare Orthopedics is dedicated to delivering the highest quality care and service.

Helen M.About Joints

If you are still experiencing arthritis pain and joint damage that's affecting your quality of life even after all other conservative measures have been taken, your doctor may suggest surgery to help relieve your pain and restore your mobility.

Helen M. Orthopaedic Education (Stryker)

Your musculoskeletal system, which comprises 206 bones that are connected by joints, muscles, ligaments, tendons and nerves, protects your internal organs, supports your weight, and allows you to move.

Helen M. Partial Knee Replacement

In New York, Kirschenbaum Orthopaedics, The Joint Replacement Center performs a volume of knee resurfacing in the top 5% of all joint replacement surgeons and #1 in all of Westchester County.

Helen M.See Live Surgery

Watch Video Clips of a Real Surgery.

Helen M.X-Ray Central

View sample X-Rays and submit your x-rays for Dr. K to review.

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Treatment Options

Minimally Invasive Knee Surgery Options:

Keep your important knee ligaments and keep the healthy parts of your knee.

Options to Treat Back Pain:

Dr. Auerbach, Chief of Spine Surgery, is responding to the serious need in the Bronx for a full services back treatment program.

Scoliosis Surgery:

If you or your children have a problem of a curvature of the spine, we may have a solution for you.

Game Day Same Day Sports:

Dr. Margaret Meyer and Dr. Colleen Fay, Chiefs of Sports Surgery, have been keeping athletes on the field for years.

Hand Surgery:

Dr. Sepideh Baghian, Chief of Hand Surgery, treats everything from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome to fractures.