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* The Incision
* Limited Bone Removal
* Insertion of Trial Femur
* Insertion of Trial Tibia
* Final Insertion of the Mini Knee Through a 3 Inch Incision

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Treatment Options

Minimally Invasive Knee Surgery Options:

Keep your important knee ligaments and keep the healthy parts of your knee.

Options to Treat Back Pain:

Dr. Auerbach, Chief of Spine Surgery, is responding to the serious need in the Bronx for a full services back treatment program.

Scoliosis Surgery:

If you or your children have a problem of a curvature of the spine, we may have a solution for you.

Game Day Same Day Sports:

Dr. Margaret Meyer and Dr. Colleen Fay, Chiefs of Sports Surgery, have been keeping athletes on the field for years.

Hand Surgery:

Dr. Sepideh Baghian, Chief of Hand Surgery, treats everything from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome to fractures.